A Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Licensed Contractor

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When it comes to choosing an expert to remodel their home, many people find it difficult to choose between a handyperson and a licensed contractor. Though their abilities may sometimes overlap, it is vital to know the difference between the two. 

Handypersons specialize in small scale projects or repair jobs. Licensed contractors, on the other hand, are trained and experienced in larger home improvement projects. Hiring a handyperson to remodel your kitchen or bathroom can save you money initially. However, in the long-run, you end up exposing your home and family to the risks of flawed construction.

To help you avoid the negative impacts of inferior construction work, All Phase Home Solutions, LLC. has designed a Beginner’s Guide to choosing a licensed contractor. Through this guide, we help you separate licensed contractors from handymen, so you don’t end up paying more than necessary by selecting the wrong type of professional.

Getting Started

Understand construction licenses: To ensure you obtain safe, quality work, the State requires contractors to obtain a license permitting them to repair, remodel, and construct. Florida has two license types: registered and certified. A registered contractor is licensed to work at the local level, while a certified contractor can take work anywhere in the State. Irrigation contracting is considered a specialty profession and requires a specific license. To know what kind of construction license your contractor must possess, click here.

Identify licensed contractors: The first thing to do when looking for the ideal contractor is to shortlist specialists in your locality. You can use the internet to prepare your list or referrals from friends and family. Once you have a list of businesses, you need to distinguish the licensed ones from the handymen. To verify their license, use this website www.myfloridalicense.com. It allows you to check the licenses of contractors by using their name, license number, and location.

Next Steps

Do your research: Make sure the company working on your home is everything they say they are. In the State of Florida, a licensed builder and general contractor must have their license listed on all advertisements, including their website. Make sure it is the correct licenses, not just a maintenance license or a small business license they’ve displayed. At the same time, check the reviews of the contractor you’re considering.

Know what your contractor can do: Remodeling a home is expensive. As a result, it only makes sense if you want the completed project to benefit your everyday life. An excellent remodel makes an existing space more functional and adds value to the owner’s life. For this reason, you must ensure your contractor is capable of fulfilling your requirements.

Advice From The Pros

Believe in your dream: For many homeowners, the reality of home renovation may look dismal if cost, time, and resources are unknown. Before you table the idea of not doing a home renovation, do your research ahead of time. If you can’t afford your entire remodeling project right now or you don’t have enough ideas to envision your renovation, take your time.

Speak to professional architects, interior designers, landscapers, and contractors or specialized home design professionals. They often can help you make your dream a reality in stages and at an affordable cost that you may not have known was an option. Your home is a considerable investment, so take the time to research how to make it uniquely yours with a fabulous renovation project.

For expert advice on a custom home builder, home design and renovation in Mount Dora, FL, reach out to All Phase Home Solutions, LLC. As licensed contractors, our focus is to provide superior workmanship at affordable prices without sacrificing quality. With over twenty years of professional general contracting experience, you can turn to us to get your remodeling project done right the first time. We work closely with you to ensure your needs are met and the project is completed within budget.

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